3 Month Coaching

Over the course of three months, we’ll not only enhance your general humor skills but also focus on infusing humor into one specific area of your life.

90 Minute
Strategy Call

My 1:1 Humor Strategy Call is 90 minutes with me where you get to pick Andrew's brain and get personalized advice for a particular challenge you’re facing.

I hired Humor That Works to help me add sizzle and humor to an otherwise boring presentation for a group of senior executives I had been invited to speak to. Andrew only needed four sessions to completely transform the content and my delivery of it. When I looked at the video tape of the session a few days later I was thrilled to see that I was relaxed and confident and was able to keep the audience engaged throughout. They even laughed at my jokes.

JohnCEO Coach and Business Advisor, NY

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I hire a coach?
There are many reasons, but ultimately you hire a coach because you have great aspirations and need a little help achieving them. What do Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Lionel Messi, Eric Schmidt, Oprah Winfrey, and trains all have in common? They have all had coaches
Why would I hire YOU as a coach?
Maybe you think we’re charming. Or you like our sense of humor. Or you want to talk to someone who has had success in both the corporate and comedy worlds, who meticulously studied what it means to create humor, has helped thousands of people successfully leverage humor, and loves to throw in a good pun or two.
Do we have to do all 4 sessions?
For long-term skill development, yes.. If you are interested in just enhancing a specific presentation with humor, check out our Humor Boost Package.
What happens when it's all over?
Great question! I like you already. After the 4-sessions are over, we make sure you have a plan for what you will focus on next. Our goal is to make you self-sufficient in the work you do so you don’t need us, BUT if you want to have follow-up ad-hoc meetings or even book a new session, you can totally do that at a discounted rate.
Can you work with my boss/spouse/kids/annoying-guy-on-the-bus?
I know, you’re probably pretty well-adjusted, but if your (INSERT PERSON HERE) was just better, things would be so much easier. First, coaching for you is still valuable because I’ll teach you how to handle the difficult people in your life. Second, you can absolutely send them our details and we’ll see if we can work something out. Just forward them this page.
Are you life coaches?
We are not life coaches. We are not here to help you answer the question of “what should I do with my life?” We’re here to answer the question, “how should I add more fun and humor into my life.” If you’re looking for the former, we’re fans of the folks over at Capes Coaching.
Do you write jokes?
We are not joke writers. While we will write custom jokes for you, our larger intent is to teach you how to create the humor yourself. If you’re just looking for punchlines, take a look at Comedy Wire.
Are you comedy instructors?
We believe we can help anyone learn to be funnier, but we focus on using humor with intent to achieve a greater goal. If you just want to become a stand-up or improv comedian, start with an improv class or open mic in your area.
I just want to be funnier, is this for me?
If you just want to “be funnier,” this is not a fit. This is for people who want to add humor to a specific presentation they have coming up, build it into their business development process, embed it into their brand persona, leverage it during their job search, or some other specific application. If you just want to generally “be funnier,” try an improv class or start reciting some of my tweets, I think they’re all funny :).

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