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No matter who you are or what you do, you get 168 hours in a week. If you average 7 hours of sleep each night, that's 49 hours spent sleeping, leaving 119 hours left awake. If you work an average of 40 hours a week - you're probably above that - that's 33.6% of your awake adult life spent at work. One third of your waking life!


percentage of people stressed at work83%
percentage of people disengaged at work70%
percentage of people unsatisfied with their jobs55%
percentage of people struggle to be happy47%
Disney dwarfs that are Happy14.3%
waking life
at work

Success at work and in life requires more than just having the technical skills to do your job.
Yes, you have to be good at what you do. But you also have to be good at how you do it. 

If 70% of people are disengaged in something they do 33.6% of the time, something is wrong.

What We Do


At Humor That Works, we’ve worked with 250+ organizations on how to increase employee effectiveness through humor. We’ve delivered nearly 500 events to over 50,000 people through our award-winning, Tweet-inspiring, change-inducing workshops. And through coaching, we've helped hundreds of clients achieve extraordinary results in workplace effectiveness


Flexible, scalable and engaging. We offer a variety of digital experiences.


Relevant to your work environment and needs. Don't just learn, practice.


Intimate, hyper-specific and custom tailored to your specific needs.

Who We Are

You may know us from the internet, but we're real people!

Humor That Works was founded by Andrew Tarvin (that’s me, the one writing this) in 2009. Since then it’s grown into a company that helps thousands of people in live events (and millions more online) every year. But I couldn’t have built the company into what it is today without the help of some awesome people. These are all of the creative humans behind the scenes of Humor That Works.


Andrew Tarvin

Humor Engineer | Founder

Andrew Tarvin is the CEO of Humor That Works. He has partnered with top organizations--including IBM, the UN, and the FBI--to solve human challenges with humor solutions.

His TEDx talk on the skill of humor has been viewed more than six million times, only half of which were his mother.


David Tarvin

Humor Professor | PhD in Rhetoric

Dr. Dave Tarvin delivers high-impact practices that enhance work and life experiences through humor and improvisation.

Known as the Humor Professor, he teaches people how to use culturally appropriate humor to improve communication, relationships, and leadership in any organization.


Bianca Dămoc

Humor Marketer

Bianca Dămoc is a marketer and consultant with over a decade experience in the field.

After moving to Vietnam in 2022 she was forced to see, first hand, the effects of over-consumption. Over-consumption that she helped fuel as a marketer. She's now on a mission to develop and promote humane marketing practices.


Mary Bobulski

Humor Operations

Mary is an accomplished and dedicated project and business leader with a remarkable proficiency in stakeholder management, ensuring business growth and transformative change align with project objectives and organizational needs while fostering a thriving team environment.


Sarah Weyrich

Humor Assistant

Sarah Weyrich is an accomplished professional actress who travels around the United States, but when she is not singing or dancing on the stage she is an executive assistant. Sarah strives to bring creativity and organization into all aspects of her life. Sarah’s professional style blends hard work, commitment, enthusiasm, and humor to bring energy and fun.

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