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How to Build Rapport, Keep Attention And Communicate Any Message


Business is built on people. Regardless of your role or industry, relationships permeate your work. managers, direct reports, peers, clients, suppliers, they're all words for the same thing: relationships. How do we create and maintain relationships? Through communication.

The average person spends 80% of their time engaged in some form of communication: sending or receiving emails, talking in person or on Zoom, listening to someone ramble for 29 minutes about something that should have been an email. But just because we communicate frequently doesn’t mean we have it mastered; just because a message is important, it doesn’t mean it’s interesting; just because you care, doesn’t mean I do

The problem is that we too often think, listen, and communicate autobiographically. We focus on what we want, need, and expect for ourselves, rather than the person we’re trying to communicate with.

By better understanding your audience, you can communicate in a way that is relevant and relatable to them.


The key to creating an effective message boils down to two basic principles: being relevant and relatable. Relevance is about why the other person should care. Relatability is about connecting what you're saying to what the other person knows. But how do you ensure what you say is relevant and relatable to the other person? You have to know them, you have to ask questions, and you have to actually listen to understand, not respond.

In all of this lies a secret weapon: humor. Humor provides instant relevance because people are naturally drawn towards fun. And it’s highly relatable because to make someone laugh means you understand them. When people laugh, they listen; when they listen, they learn; when they learn, they lead.

This hands-on workshop will teach you how to clearly communicate your message to any audience. We’ll teach your team to speak, text, email and present in ways that will elevate their relationships, define themselves as leaders, and foster cohesiveness within teams. That’s a win-win-win that has the ability to help any organization create growth, productivity, and momentum. From sales to service -- all the way up to the corner office, this engaging workshop can be game-changing for every member of your organization.


The Confident Communicator Workshop will give attendees the mindset and skills needed to communicate any message to anyone. It works well when groups begin preparing for presentations, pitch sessions, and any high stakes communication. It resonates well with groups who are technically proficient but may not be as strong in business skills (engineers, scientists, introverts).

If you're looking for a workshop that addresses public speaking, effective presentations, or interpersonal communication, this is the workshop to say yes to.

This workshop can also be delivered in a virtual environment. 





2 to 4 hours


during presentation prep


12 to 24


technical roles, introverts


  • The only 3 Reasons We Communicate
  • The LSTN Method for Communicating
  • The 2 Rs Needed for a Message that Resonate
  • One Phrase to Never Get Stumped on What to Say
  • 20+ Actionable Tips for Email, Conversation, Meetings, and Presentations
  • Superhero Body Language & Non--Verbal Communication

Ready to help your team master office communication
and build better and more meaningful relationships?

Click on the button below to check for availability and book the Confident Communicator Workshop.

Ready to help your team master office communication and build better and more meaningful relationships?

Click on the button below to check for availability and book the Confident Communicator Workshop.

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