Humor That Works

The Missing Skill for Success and Happiness at Work


83% of Americans are stressed out at work, 70% are disengaged, 55% are unsatisfied with their jobs, and 47% struggle to be happy. Of course, it's even worse in Disney World where, statistically, only 14.28% dwarfs is Happy (that’s one out of seven)...

We have become obsessed with efficiency. Businesses are looking to do more with less, employees are scrambling just to keep up, and just about every human on the planet is “busy.” In reality, success at work and in life requires more than just having the technical skills to do your job. Yes, you have to be good at what you do. But you also have to be good at how you do it.

Let this sink for a moment - if 70% of people are disengaged in something they do 33.6% of their waking life, something is wrong. The current way of working isn't actually working. If we want to fix these numbers, we have to change the way we work.
It’s not enough to be efficient, we have to also be effective.


We go to school, take certification courses, and get on-the-job training to learn how to do our job, but rarely do we ever learn the skills we need to learn to enjoy our job. But the truth is, what gets fun, gets done. And that’s what is missing: humor at work.

When you can infuse best business practices with smart levity and fun, you have employees who enjoy what they do and actually want to show up to work. You see teams that work well together and have each other's backs. You build habits of happiness and gratitude within the entire organization. They become more present, positive, productive and ultimately more profitable.

THAT is a team that can take a company to its competitive edge.

With hilarity and heart, this program engages audiences to shift mindsets, unlock potential, and adopt the science-backed tools, skills, and solutions they need to make humor an extraordinary foundation for their life and your organization.


The Humor That Works Workshop is designed to have attendees walk away feeling more ownership over their work with strategies they can implement immediately. It works particularly well at the end of the day so people leave on a fun, positive note. It resonates with many groups, but especially at personal development conferences and with more technical (or “dry”) teams, such as: tech, project management, risk management, and finance. What can we say, we’re nerds who love speaking to other nerds.

If you're looking for a workshop that addresses stress management, employee engagement, or workplace satisfaction, this is right up your alley.

This workshop can also be delivered in a virtual environment. 





1 to 2hrs


beginning of the day, after lunch




humans that work


  • Behind the Definition - Developing A Humor Mindset.
  • Start Using Humor Today with the Humor MAP.
  • Take Back Your Work - The 5 Super Skills and Humor Strategies that Enhance Them.
  • The $500 Billion Problem at Work
  • Beyond the Smile - 30 Surprising Business Benefits of Humor In The Workplace.
  • Keeping Humor Appropriate With The Newspaper Rule & More.



* it is NOT a great fit for events looking for after-dinner entertainment or a pure comedy show.

Ready to give your team what they need
to skyrocket productivity AND have a better life?

Click on the button below to check for availability and book the Humor That Works Workshop.

Ready to give your team what they need to skyrocket productivity AND have a better life?

Click on the button below to check for availability and book the Humor That Works Workshop.

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