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The Science of Selling With Humor


Let’s face it. There’s a sea of boring content out there and a desert filled with bad sales and marketing that fail to engage customers and deliver on goals. It leads to a world full of people who are talking a lot but saying very little. Need proof? Just look at the hundreds of LinkedIn requests you have of people who “just want to connect” before sending you 37 messages about how they’re helping people just like you do something people just like you do don’t actually want to do.

Bots, MLMs, and AI-generated content have made it even harder to stand out, build connections, and provide value with the people you can serve. But there is one thing that still cuts through all of the noise: humor.


Fusing humor into your sales marketing campaigns may be the exciting oasis you need to connect with customers, and keep them coming back for more. Sales is about skill, timing, and practice. So is humor. Marketing is about messaging, relevance, and connecting. So is humor. The combination of all three is game-changing. When employees learn to infuse their presentation, meetings, and communication with a blend of fun and facts, inbound inquiries increase, sales go through the roof, and referrals skyrocket.

This workshop covers the science-backed skills, mindsets, and strategies necessary for today’s sales and marketing professionals to excel at the next level. Attendees learn the foundation for messaging with levity, how to build rapid rapport with humor, and how to incorporate fun in a structured way.


The Funny to Money Workshop teaches attendees how to use humor to transform browsers into buyers. It works well before when preparing the rollout of a new product launch or when sales are starting to stagnate and a new approach is needed. It resonates with sales and marketers looking to elevate their game (sales engineers, inbound / outbound copy writers).

If you're looking for sales training, relationship-building, or messaging, you’ll connect with this workshop.

This workshop can also be delivered in a virtual environment. 





1 to 4 hours


declining sales


25 to 100


marketers, sellers


  • Why humor engages the audience and creates brand affinity.
  • How to sharpen your writing skills to cut through the clutter.
  • The research-backed value of humor in sales and marketing.
  • What "funny" content really means, and where you can go wrong.
  • 5 shortcuts to adding humor to your sales process.
  • How to forge humor into your brand by developing a Humor Brand Guide.

Ready to give your team what they need
to skyrocketting sales?

Click on the button below to check for availability and book the From Funny To Money Workshop.

Ready to give your team what they need to skyrocketting sales?

Click on the button below to check for availability and book the From Funny To Money Workshop.

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