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Coloring Outside the Lines To Think Inside The Box


In a world that requires adapting in the moment, pivoting on the fly, and creating at the speed of business, innovation has become a competitive advantage, business requirement, and the buzziest of buzzwords.

But if innovation was easy, we wouldn’t have so many cliches about it: think outside the box, think on your feet, put your thinking cap on. Creativity, by definition, requires a new approach. The problem is in how we think about thinking.

Most people believe creativity is some type of elusive muse that only visits the chosen few. You sit down and wait for inspiration to come, for a muse to fill you with creativity, for the light bulb moment to illuminate the dull way you’ve always done something. All of this while the cursor in the blank word document mocks your inability to think on the spot.


At its core, creative thinking is simply a way of looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective. Creativity is intrinsically linked to perception and the most powerful driver of innovation is the ability to think laterally across seemingly unrelated questions, problems, or ideas… which happens to sound a lot like humor.

Humor is highly correlated with both creativity and intelligence. It can stimulate the brain to set off divergent thinking, allowing us to see broader applications and new perspectives, and it can help us find solutions through structure.

This workshop teaches you how to engineer innovative solutions to the challenges
you face today. It will help you enhance creativity in your own work, establish constraints around the problem you want to solve, find ways to look at the challenge differently, and add a dose of humor to the process. Limitation plus levity leads to illumination.


The Engineering Creativity Workshop teaches attendees a systematic process for thinking differently about thinking differently. It works well before the start of a new project or when the business needs something “new.” It resonates with creative types that need more structure in innovating business solutions (designers, marketers, copywriters).

If you're looking for a workshop that covers creativity, innovation, or organizational problem solving, it’d be hard to think of a better workshop.

This workshop can also be delivered in a virtual environment. 





2 to 4 hours


when trying to build "what's next"


12 to 24


creative, marketers


  • The Myth of the Muse, the Magic of Structure.
  • A Daily Habit for Non-stop Inspiration.
  • The 5 Step Process to Go From Constraints to Creativity.
  • Innovation by Analogy, Innovation by Design, Innovation by Logic.
  • 2 Words for Improvising Creativity.
  • Innovation Lessons from Stand-up Comedians.

Ready to give your team what they need
to increase their creativity?

Click on the button below to check for availability and book the Engineering Creativity Workshop.

Ready to give your team what they need to increase their creativity?

Click on the button below to check for availability and book the Engineering Creativity Workshop.

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