Dr. Dave
Tarvin, PhD


Dr. Dave Tarvin is a speaker and humor professor, focused on high-impact practices that enhance work and life experiences through humor and improvisation. He helps people enjoy their more work by using their sense of humor at work.


You're going to love working with Dave, here's why....

Years in Corporate World: 4
Years as a Professor: 8
Corporate Experience: Sales at Luxury Manufacturer
Education: Masters in Communication, Moorehead State University, Doctor of Philosophy, Communication, Louisiana State University
Dr. Dave Tarvin delivers high-impact practices that enhance work and life experiences through humor and improvisation. He began his career as a top salesperson at a leading manufacturer before earning his Ph.D. in Communication from Louisiana State University in 2013.
Dave joined the Communication Department at Texas A&M University in 2014 where he teaches courses in humor, leadership and conflict resolution, and intercultural communication. He is known as the ‘Humor Professor’ to both his students and corporate clients.
As a speaker and consultant, Dave has worked with organizations such as the UN, Sanofi, and Gorilla Glue, to provide programs on how the use of culturally appropriate humor improves communication, relationships, and leadership within any organization.
He lives in College Station with his two dogs, Grandma Scarlett and Zoe Batman.
“My goal as a speaker and educator is to make learning a fun and worthwhile experience. Using humor, graphic facilitation, and my personal (and sometimes embarrassing) experiences, I help audiences retain information so that they can take action.”



• Humor that Works - signature HTW Keynote
• The Rhetoric of Humor
• The Confident Communicator


City of Burleson, Gorilla Glue, Procter & Gamble, Roetzel & Andress, Sanofi, The United Nations


"Dave was most definitely a crowd favorite. His humorous dialogue kept the audience fully invested in his every word. He had the perfect balance of comedy and seriousness to deliver an impactful message that really hit home with a room full of community leaders. We were absolutely honored to have him as a part of our first ever live & in person Project U leadership conference." -Alex P, City of Burleson EDC

“Dave delivered an absolutely stellar presentation. It was an attendee favorite---I even had a coworker tell me she shed literal tears of laughter.” - Darby S, Procter & Gamble

"One of the best speakers I've seen. Dave covered the topic well while making it interesting and fun." - Anonymous Attendee, Gorilla Glue


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